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Meet Amy

Amy Tippins, shoe goddess, part time fashionista, and (to everyone’s delighted surprise) new mom,
created her company RockScar Love Designs in 2010.  Her one-of- a-kind apparel, stilettos, and
boyshorts take the taboo out of talking about the unspeakable:
RockScar Love, Amy’s dream of inspiring men and women across the world came to pass when she
developed the concept of bringing passion to fashion. Her perky tweets and wildly entertaining, thought
provoking blogs move the masses to search their inner beauty in their scars, both emotional and physical.

Rock Your Scar. Pay It Forward.

Amy uses her impactful media presence and loyal social media network to spread the message of self-
acceptance and paying it forward. What’s her message? Rock your Scar. Pay It Forward. A message with
the high purpose of helping others embrace their scars and use their challenging life experiences to help
others in similar circumstances.
After receiving her liver transplant over 20 years ago, she began to see the unlimited opportunities people
in the global community have to pay it forward. During her childhood, Amy also lived through emotional
bullying from peers, doctors, teachers, and coaches, while battling for over for years for a diagnosis to
explain her deteriorating health.
In addition to her transplant, Amy’s diagnoses have also included Avascular Necrosis and infertility.  She
truly understands what it means to face your emotional demons and find your inner beauty all while
rocking a hot pair of stilettos.  “If people can simply accept themselves and embrace both their physical
and emotional scars, they will create an environment that has potential to give rise to something
amazing,” says Amy.
How amazing? After years of being told that children were out of the question, Amy and her husband,
Stephen, are now the proud parents of Max ________ Thorne, or as they call him, “Miracle Max.”

From Finance to Fashion To Marketing

Prior to launching RockScar Love Designs and for a time afterward, Amy worked in the financial services
industry as a sales professional for over a decade.  She shared her talents and professional services at
several firms, specializing in the qualified plan market (401(k), 403(b) and defined benefits plans).

During her career as a financial sales pro, she worked at many prestigious companies including:

  • Transamerica Retirement Services
  • AXA Enterprise Funds
  • FSC Securities
  • Wells Real Estate Funds

She consistently earned the title of top sales person in her department. In fact, Amy reached 400% of her
sales goal when she left the industry for good in 2009.
Her next challenge came in the form of a startup marketing communications company, RTL Digital Media,
which is based on measurable, results-oriented services including digital advertising, websites, marketing
platform development, conversion optimization, and sales and marketing automation.

Giving to Others – A Path to Joy

Amy uses her personal time for speaking at multiple community and charity events about overcoming
adversity and turning heartache in triumph. She volunteers with multiple organizations in her community.
She also enjoys coaching and helping businesses across the US develop their own personal message to
share with the community.
“Volunteering as a counselor at camps for children and families affected by organ transplants is very
emotionally fulfilling,” explains Amy.
She has volunteered at Camp Independence and Camp Second Chance. Her past activities include
Atlanta Jaycees, United States Master’s Swimming Association, and coaching basketball with Camp All
American.  She also loves include cooking out, yoga, spin class, entertaining and modeling.
And now, more than anything else, she loves spending time with Stephen and Miracle Max, as they
continue on their amazing family journey.