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Amy Tippins’ BioAmy Tippins RockScar Love Designs

ockScar Amy Tippins founded RockScar Love Designs® in 2010, seeking to realize her dream of owning a business while using that platform to inspire, empower, and enrich the lives of others. Her generous and empowering spirit permeates all aspects of the business – from the unique one-of-a-kind branded apparel to her poignant blog and her perky tweets.

Tippins uses her growing media presence and loyal social media network to spread the message of self-acceptance and paying it forward. So what’s the message? Rock your Scar because “ScarsRSexy” (TM) A message with the high purpose of helping others embrace their scars and use their challenging life experiences to pay it forward by helping others do the same.

After receiving her liver transplant over 18 years ago, she began to see the unlimited opportunities people in the global community have to pay it forward. “If people can simply accept themselves and embrace both their physical and emotional scars, they will create an environment that has potential to give rise to something amazing,” says Tippins.

From Finance to Fashion

Prior to launching RockScar Love Designs and for a time afterward, Amy worked in the financial services industry as a sales professional for over a decade.  She shared her talents and professional services at several firms, specializing in the qualified plan market (401(k), 403(b) and defined benefits plans). During her career as a financial sales pro, Tippins worked at many prestigious companies including: Transamerica Retirement Services, FSC Securites, Axa Enterprise and Wells Real Estate Funds.

She consistently earned the title of top sales person in her department. In fact, Tippins reached 400% of her sales goal when she left the industry for good in 2009.

Tippins volunteers at Camp Independence, a camp for families impacted by organ transplantation. She also enjoys public speaking with Georgia Transplant Foundation, National Kidney Foundation and other civic organizations. Her past activities include Atlanta Jaycees, United States Master’s Swimming Association, and coaching basketball with Camp All American.  She also loves include cooking out, yoga, spin class, surfing, entertaining and modeling.

You can hire Amy to speak at your corporate, charity event or health conference by filling out a speaking engagement form. 

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Amy Tippins Press Kit

Copies of Amy Tippins’ press kit are available or schedule an interview with Amy Tippins then please contact her at

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Quotes About Amy

“When I wondered if I could ever be normal, Amy was there to help me understand that I wouldn’t be normal, I would be exceptional.” ~Heather J

I heard Amy speak at what I thought was a work event, but what happened is she touched my soul.  I thought after being a nurse for 6 years that all I would hear is her transplant story, but it was not.  What I took away is that we are all put here for a reason and without pursuing that I would remain unfulfilled”~Stacy R

Amy Tippins is a dynamic speaker whose high level of energy and passion for life is an inspiration for many. Her story and the life lessons she shares will make you believe in miracles and leave you forever changed.” ~Pat Sorter, Executive Director of Georgia Transplant Foundation

“Having overcome many personal challenges to find my own success, I’m always intrigued and motivated by people who strive under adversities.  Amy Tippins and RockScar Love exemplify that fight that I couldn’t help but be proud of.  I know they will both succeed.” ~Nikki Stone, 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist


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