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Mommy owns a power drill and she knows how to play with it

August 23, 2013

Sometimes my best intentions to blog weekly end up not coming to fruition. Work, social and family commitments get in the way.  Gladly, none of those got in my way during the past week– just my lack of motivation.

My fundraising slowed down this past week, but still continues to limp along decently.

Raised: $1,400
Goal: $35,000

Wait, maybe decent is an overstatement.  People, pull out your credit cards before I pick your pockets to get to it myself!

The past few weeks I have been working to paint my baby’s changing station and also collecting random items that are much-needed for her arrival.   I realize that many people think there is little that I can’t do and that thought is true.  Yes, I can do many DIY projects (hell, I can arc weld, people) if I have the patience and the equipment, but like cooking – I lack the desire.

DIY Adoption Mommy Stiletto Blogger

A month ago I purchased a changing station for $10 at a garage sale and it looked dated.  It’s original dark wood look reminded me of something in my grandmother’s house, may she rest in peace.   Also, the corner of station had come apart and needed to be glued back together; thankfully, my friend Steve and his no fear of wood glue rescued me from messing up my nails.

The following weekend at my mother’s house, I purchased 2 cans of Krylon spray paint for wood and went to town after applying a primer.  Two-three coats later — wham!  My child’s tush now has a more appropriate platform to be changed on.  The changing table refurbish looks cuter than the future Bella Beloved — NOT.  All I need now is a crumb snatcher to start changing and some Huggies.




Receiving blankets
3 diaper bags
Infant reflux baby wedge
Few baby outfits

To-Do List These Next Few Weeks:

Infant CPR class
Paint clothing dresser


Exercise Saucer


My family would love and support me in this journey
Job & Social Media Contracts
RockScar Love Designs
My future child

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