Nursery Decoration Giveaway

August 20, 2013

A while back when I started thinking about adoption, I wondered how I was going to decorate my future baby’s room if I did not know her sex (yes, I just said “her” — I believe in the power of positive thinking)?  I could do something alongside of Winnie the Poo or alphabet letters, but if you know anything about me then you know a sweet passive Winnie the Poo is just not what I would throw up on my kid’s walls.  My heart’s desire to decorate my daughter’s walls with fierce stilettos is combatted with the knowledge of the – impact that presidence could have on her priorities in life.

My decision to  abstain from teaching my child about my unhealthy materialist choices, I have decided to adorn her walls and mind with positive healthy images that hopefully will help her realize the depth of my love for her.  The very first beautiful message I will be hanging on her wall is The Adoption Birds prints be The Little Narwhal.


Adoption Birds: 1 of 3 prints

I found these beautiful prints on Etsy and instantly knew I had to have them!  Kate Watson, the owner of The Little Narwhal, passion for adoption and fostering children is a part of her entire being and that is obvious through her registration to be a foster parent alongside her husband.

Kate Watson

To share her passion she has agreed to give away a set of these beautiful prints to one of my beautiful fans.  So, register and share for more entry points.  May the best mommy win!

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