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Momma got her some white girl moves!

July 17, 2013

Raised: $900

Goal: $35,000

Disclaimer: My original desire to provide a weekly update to everyone seems a smidge aggressive some weeks considering that I’m juggling RockScar Love, freelance social media work and looking for a job.  I know what you’re thinking: how I am going to handle Bella Boo Boo Bunny in addition to all of this?  I don’t know, but I will.

With my party days in my past, I’ve focused the last 10 years of my life on my career and coming into my own. In my 20s, I partied like most irresponsible young adults. A few times a week I frequented nightclubs to dance the night while ABBA, Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper boomed in the sound system (I would get my Elaine Benes on with my white woman moves and dang it, I was good at it!). At one point in my life, my bedtime was at 5am, not 10pm (ok, 9:30).  In the past two weeks, twice I found myself up until 3:30 in the morning after staying up chatting with friends. Of course, paying for it dearly the next day.

Life pre-adoption. Pre-Mommy. Pre-exhausted

Since my wild nights on my sofa with my girlfriends, I’ve wondered if these mark the final days of Single Amy versus Mommy Amy?  Yes, my marital status remains “single”, but my heart has already begun making decisions based on my daughter and her best interest. Will I never go out again?  Of course, I probably will, on occasion, but my thoughts focus on the impact the things I do will have on my future child. And it’s a given that her morning snuggles carry a worth more than a lifetime of nights out dancing, or anything else in the world for that matter.



Completed this week:

Purchased two fire extinguishers for our home per adoption home study requirements.

Purchased 15 baby bottles and cups for Baby Bottle Fundraiser.  Baby bottle fundraisers include the assistance of children helping to raise money for adoption costs.  Children of all age can help to fill a baby bottle once or multiple times with change. Each bottle holds approximately $25 in coins. Please let us know if your family is interested in setting a goal to assist in fundraising for Baby Isabella.

Almost completed reading the book, Baby Wise.

Secured the donations of football tickets, pair of shoes, and jewelry for large fundraising event.



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