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Mommy owns a power drill and she knows how to play with it

August 23, 2013

Sometimes my best intentions to blog weekly end up not coming to fruition. Work, social and family commitments get in the way.  Gladly, none of those got in my way during the past week– just my lack of motivation.

My fundraising slowed down this past week, but still continues to limp along decently.

Raised: $1,400
Goal: $35,000

Wait, maybe decent is an overstatement.  People, pull out your credit cards before I pick your pockets to get to it myself!

The past few weeks I have been working to paint my baby’s changing station and also collecting random items that are much-needed for her arrival.   I realize that many people think there is little that I can’t do and that thought is true.  Yes, I can do many DIY projects (hell, I can arc weld, people) if I have the patience and the equipment, but like cooking – I lack the desire.

DIY Adoption Mommy Stiletto Blogger

A month ago I purchased a changing station for $10 at a garage sale and it looked dated.  It’s original dark wood look reminded me of something in my grandmother’s house, may she rest in peace.   Also, the corner of station had come apart and needed to be glued back together; thankfully, my friend Steve and his no fear of wood glue rescued me from messing up my nails.

The following weekend at my mother’s house, I purchased 2 cans of Krylon spray paint for wood and went to town after applying a primer.  Two-three coats later — wham!  My child’s tush now has a more appropriate platform to be changed on.  The changing table refurbish looks cuter than the future Bella Beloved — NOT.  All I need now is a crumb snatcher to start changing and some Huggies.




Receiving blankets
3 diaper bags
Infant reflux baby wedge
Few baby outfits

To-Do List These Next Few Weeks:

Infant CPR class
Paint clothing dresser


Exercise Saucer


My family would love and support me in this journey
Job & Social Media Contracts
RockScar Love Designs
My future child


Nursery Decoration Giveaway

August 20, 2013

A while back when I started thinking about adoption, I wondered how I was going to decorate my future baby’s room if I did not know her sex (yes, I just said “her” — I believe in the power of positive thinking)?  I could do something alongside of Winnie the Poo or alphabet letters, but if you know anything about me then you know a sweet passive Winnie the Poo is just not what I would throw up on my kid’s walls.  My heart’s desire to decorate my daughter’s walls with fierce stilettos is combatted with the knowledge of the – impact that presidence could have on her priorities in life.

My decision to  abstain from teaching my child about my unhealthy materialist choices, I have decided to adorn her walls and mind with positive healthy images that hopefully will help her realize the depth of my love for her.  The very first beautiful message I will be hanging on her wall is The Adoption Birds prints be The Little Narwhal.


Adoption Birds: 1 of 3 prints

I found these beautiful prints on Etsy and instantly knew I had to have them!  Kate Watson, the owner of The Little Narwhal, passion for adoption and fostering children is a part of her entire being and that is obvious through her registration to be a foster parent alongside her husband.

Kate Watson

To share her passion she has agreed to give away a set of these beautiful prints to one of my beautiful fans.  So, register and share for more entry points.  May the best mommy win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Dr. Venus Flytrap knows what’s going on in my bedroom? I doubt it!

August 14, 2013

Adoption baby mommy stiletto blogger

As a person who works for herself, I get the joy of working from home. What does this mean? I sit on my happy butt on the sofa every morning without brushing my teeth or my hair, if I so choose, while I cry over my bank statement. In fact, many people who work for themselves, or own a small business will nod their heads in agreement with me. People decide to work for themselves and forgo a steady paycheck for a variety of reasons. Personally, I gave up the stability of that money in my bank account every two weeks for an easy commute. Read on and you can decide which choice gives a higher quality of life – as I have no idea.

Many days I tackle certain parts of my job, while the television drones on in the background to trick me into believing that I have an office full of minions doing my dirty work. This afternoon I turned on Rachel Ray (don’t ask me why, as I do not cook and I cannot stand her) while answering emails. Sherri Sheppard, the guest co-host, introduced the topic of sex advice and how to spice it up in the bedroom. Instantly, I perked up and had to listen. Why, do you ask? No, I don’t have a man in my life and, sadly, no sex either. More than that, I find these segments exceptionally entertaining for multiple reasons:

The guest psychiatrist, LA Shrink’s Dr. V, weighed in on how to spice up the bedroom. First, Dr. V’s real name (or at least her legal one) is Venus Nicolino. Her choice in “name” probably came from one or two thought processes:

  • Venus is the name of the mythological Roman goddess of love and is also the namesake of the second planet from the sun. The probability of the Roman goddess representing the inspiration behind her chosen name is very high. If so, the powers-that-be should ban her from giving sex advice based on pure cheesiness alone. Why not pick “Aphrodite”? She’s the Greek goddess of love. At least hearing the name “Aphrodite” might leave a little tickle in the pants!
  • The Venus Fly Trap plant — the other probability — reminds me of how women use sex as one of many ways to lure a husband (often, only to withdraw the prize once he walks with her down the aisle). Once again, deception will get you nowhere in the long run. I lose all respect for deceivers very quickly.

How could you really respect and take the advice of a woman named “Venus” to tell you how to mix it up in the sheets with your man? Want to get a little fresh with your man? Call Harley and find out about the true Art of Seduction ™.

Mommy blogger adoption baby

Dr. Venus Planet Trap’s response to Sherri’s question, “It has been boring and very slow in the bedroom lately, what is the problem?” was “well, if there is no action in the bedroom then someone must not feel sexy.” Really? Really!? I am not a “shrink”, but anyone would know that if you aren’t putting out one of three things is happening:

        • You do not feel sexy
        • There are serious marital problems (the “why” would not even be asked in this case)
        • Someone (the male) needs to visit the doctor for the little blue pill.

Dr. Fly Boring Trap, I fell asleep during your answer. Snoozefest. You offered nothing to help my hypothetical question of about my intimacy problem with my man. In my case, there is no man, so there’s not a problem. Why not offer something inspiring to the ladies who need to spice it up in the bedroom? Suggest grabbing a page out of the 365 Nights of Passion or better yet, play a game of connect the scars with finger paints in the bathtub!

Everyday I sit at my laptop working hard to build RockScar Love while also look for a regular fulltime job in order to adopt Baby Beloved. How can anyone hire Dr. V to give answers that offer no real value and pay her beaucoup of dollars to do it? Can someone please explain this to me?

And yes, to answer your question, I did write this post in my pajamas with my tallest stilettos on. Want to see them?


Love reading Amy’s funny post?  Good, now make a donation to her adoption fund (bottom of the page people)!

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Momma, can you wipe my tears…or at least do arts and crafts with me?

August 1, 2013

This week I bought my first baby furniture/equipment something or other.  My new prized possession? A table top changing station found at a garage sale for $10.  It is in need of a bit of a face lift and like my knee, desperately in need of a joint replacement or at least tuned up.


Mom, you want to do arts and crafts with me? Painting for your granddaughter made easy!

When I found this precious little table ,waiting to be transformed from wood color to white (thanks to my mother…though she remains unaware of her project), instantly I decided the perfect home for it was on top of the chest of drawers I picked up this spring for $80 at Habitat for Humanity’s refurbished store.  Yes, the chest needs a face lift as well, but that project remains in a holding pattern for another day.




This little changing table made me recognize how many things I am unable to currently do for my future child.   Similar to my not knowing how to fix the corner of this little changing table there will be many situations I will be at a loss on how to handle, but those struggles will be much harder when it comes to wiping her tears.   How will I know the first time she gets sick if her ear aches or a tummy hurts and how to soothe them?  How do I soothe my own tears when my heart hurts from seeing  pain in her eyes? How will explain family members who choose not to participate in her life for one selfish reason or another? Mommy, why are you not married (ok, I am holding out that God plans to change the current relationship dynamics in my life)?

My mother says “the best mother is the childless mother”.  My security in my mothering skills is strong, but only when it comes to changing diapers, kissing boo-boos and helping with homework.  I know that I want to teach my daughter how to respect her body, have her words and actions to honor to her true value, teach her to give hugs without limitations, but kisses seldom.  My “lists” of ways to love my daughter hopefully will include leaving an impression on her heart on how to make her mark on the world.  If she impacts the people in her life in the way I know she will impact mine, then my success — immeasurable.

May my mothering actions at least reflect 1% of the love my heart already feels for her.

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Momma got her some white girl moves!

July 17, 2013

Raised: $900

Goal: $35,000

Disclaimer: My original desire to provide a weekly update to everyone seems a smidge aggressive some weeks considering that I’m juggling RockScar Love, freelance social media work and looking for a job.  I know what you’re thinking: how I am going to handle Bella Boo Boo Bunny in addition to all of this?  I don’t know, but I will.

With my party days in my past, I’ve focused the last 10 years of my life on my career and coming into my own. In my 20s, I partied like most irresponsible young adults. A few times a week I frequented nightclubs to dance the night while ABBA, Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper boomed in the sound system (I would get my Elaine Benes on with my white woman moves and dang it, I was good at it!). At one point in my life, my bedtime was at 5am, not 10pm (ok, 9:30).  In the past two weeks, twice I found myself up until 3:30 in the morning after staying up chatting with friends. Of course, paying for it dearly the next day.

Life pre-adoption. Pre-Mommy. Pre-exhausted

Since my wild nights on my sofa with my girlfriends, I’ve wondered if these mark the final days of Single Amy versus Mommy Amy?  Yes, my marital status remains “single”, but my heart has already begun making decisions based on my daughter and her best interest. Will I never go out again?  Of course, I probably will, on occasion, but my thoughts focus on the impact the things I do will have on my future child. And it’s a given that her morning snuggles carry a worth more than a lifetime of nights out dancing, or anything else in the world for that matter.



Completed this week:

Purchased two fire extinguishers for our home per adoption home study requirements.

Purchased 15 baby bottles and cups for Baby Bottle Fundraiser.  Baby bottle fundraisers include the assistance of children helping to raise money for adoption costs.  Children of all age can help to fill a baby bottle once or multiple times with change. Each bottle holds approximately $25 in coins. Please let us know if your family is interested in setting a goal to assist in fundraising for Baby Isabella.

Almost completed reading the book, Baby Wise.

Secured the donations of football tickets, pair of shoes, and jewelry for large fundraising event.



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Are sweaty women better mommies?

July 2, 2013

As most of you know or should know, I set up my adoption fund a few weeks ago.  When I started this process I committed to my future baby benefactors to keep them up to date about the latest and greatest of what I have accomplished.  Update:

Fundraising goal is $35,000

Raised: $700

Adopting is a very complicated process that involves a home study, finding an attorney or agency and then having the right mother chose the right family to love the baby.

The home study requires the adoptive parents to accomplished an extensive list of tasks including, but not limited to, FBI background check, updated animal and human vaccinations, reference letters, doctors letters, etc.  The life of each home study extends only one year and I pray that my wait for a child proves short and pain free.

Updated shots for my pets for the Adoption Home Study

Updated shots for my pets for the Adoption Home Study


I have started trying to collect items for my home study so that I when I start my paperwork my approval will be expedient.  This past weekend I went to Camp Wolf in Duluth to get all of my pets their updated shots.  Camp Wolf, a pet paradise with perfect prices, worked with SPCA to offer discounted shots….REALLY discounted pricing.   I packed up two cats and a dog into my car and headed over to stand in line for the love of my future child.  To get the visual you need to know that my shoulder‘s labrum and rotator cuff is torn and I sweat like Paula Dean on the Today Show.  After standing in line for 2.5 hours outside in 90 degree weather, I finally made it inside the store to meet the vet and comfort my children through their shots.

Heading home I realized I had a small sense of accomplishment in regards to my adoption after getting my kids their shots.  Yes, sounds dumb, but with the search for more stable employment and better health insurance, I have felt like I have accomplished nothing in regards to bringing my daughter home besides having her name inscribed on my heart.  Yes, I want a little girl and Isabella Beloved will be her name.

My next “to-do” list items include lining up my reference letters, fire extinguishers and also securing a few baby items like car seats and bouncers through visiting garage sales.  Until next time….please feel free to read more about my adoption journey and also donate to bringing hope to the Tippins’ family.

Please feel free to lift our family’s journey up in your prayers or good vibes for the following:

Success for RockScar Love
Financial support for this journey
Inexpensive pricing for car seat, bouncer and baby monitor

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The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

June 24, 2013
A vision of my personal life.

A vision of my personal life.

As I sit in the dark waiting out another infamous tornado weather night in Georgia, my mind drifts back to my own tornadic/traumatic events in my personal life.  Yes, we all endure bad boyfriends/girlfriends, unfaithful lovers and fantastic relationships.  Luckily, I had an incredible love in my life and kissed a few frogs along the way — even frogs can teach lessons.

Last year this time, I sat in my bathroom water closet, with a new friend from southern California, teaching him all of the safety measures in the case of a funnel cloud.  As I shared stories of Georgia’s own Dorothy experiences, my phone started ringing with warnings from friends and family to take cover.  One particular message popped up saying “While I do not like you as a person  – tornado headed your way” and my laughter howled through the night louder than the thunder.

Did I really think that he, who shall remain nameless, cared about my location in the storm path? NOPE.  I had not spoken with him in 3-4  years and the last time we had communicated I had turned him down on getting back together.  Why did I turn him down?  He lied. Lied about having a girlfriend at the time.  Lied about his interest in me.  Lied about everything.  If his interest ever rang true then he wouldn’t have insulted me with a backhanded statements.  My confusion still remains about what happened in our 3 month relationship over 5 years ago that left him bitter enough to take that opportunity to sling an insult me, but I digress….

As time in my life has passed I started to wonder if I were the one with the issue?  Am I so dumb when it comes to men that I buy into the lies for that New York minute?  Yeah, not possible because 20 years of dating has bestowed copious amounts of knowledge on me — which I am quick to share without my audience’s solicitation.

Take for an example the guy I dated last year:  Nice guy, financially stable, and beautiful home that I visiting multiple times in our relationship.  No sign of a mistress, wife or a closeted gay lover — or his sister for that matter.  Yep, this sucker told me his family tree ended at him  — no siblings.  Who am I to question an only child status?

Six months later, I cruised his facebook page (no judging —you have facebook stalked someone yourself ) and I find out his sibling status included a sister.  Who lies about a sister unless little Jenny turns a trick on the block?  Not the issue — this raven beauty’s jewelry showed no signs of suffering cash flow issue.  Maybe his sister was his lover instead of me? Who does that…who lies about their sister?

Weathering the storm of dating equates to weathering the storm of attending one of my family functions — exceptionally painful, un-enjoyable, but fruitful when it comes to acquiring knowledge.  Yes, we all might need a therapy to deal with both, but the money well spent in the end.  So grab your raft and get out there and date some crazies to find that perfect someone — and don’t forget your lifejacket!